Oliy League. Matchday Two Attendance in numbers


Oliy League. Matchday Two Attendance in numbers


As you probably know, second round games of Oliy League were held from 8th to 10th of March. Fans enjoyed 3 days of new season games.

There were 41679 football watchers in stadiums overall. Statistically, it is 5209.875 fans on average for a match. The game that was considered to be the central match of the round - "Neftchi" - "Pakhtakor" was observed by 8117 supporters from tribunes.

The game that grabbed the attention of the most people was "Dinamo" - "Shurtan" with 10138 people watching the game. Champions of Oliy League 2016 - "Lokomotiv" could only get 1595 people to watch the first home game of theirs.

The least number of supporters came to the game between "Obod" and "Kokand-1912". There were only 1225 people in the stadium.

You can see the statistics of how many people came to watch the games in the second round down below:

«Dinamo» (Samarkand) – «Shurtan» (Guzar) – 3:0. 10138 fans.

«Neftchi» (Fergana) – «Pakhtakor» (Tashkent)– 0:0. 8117 fans.

«Qizilqum» (Navoi) – «Navbahor» (Namangan)– 2:1. 7565 fans.

«Nasaf» (Karshi) – «Buxoro» (Bukhara)– 2:1. 6204 fans.

«Olmaliq» (Almalyk) – «Bunyodkor» (Tashkent) – 0:0. 4950 fans.

«Mashal» (Mubarek) – «Metallurg» (Bekabad)– 1:0. 1885 fans.

«Lokomotiv» (Tashkent) – «Sogdiana» (Jizzakh)– 3:0. 1595 fans.

«Obod» (Tashkent) – «Kokand-1912» (Kokand)– 1:1. 1225 fans.

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