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Abdumalik Khalokov is an Uzbek boxer, performing in the weight category up to 56 kg and 60 kg, a member of the national team of Uzbekistan, champion of the III Summer Youth Olympic Games.
He was born on April 9, 2000 in Bukhara.

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Amateur career


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Asian youth champion up to 60 kg and gold medal winner (56 kg) at the III Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. Silver medalist of the World Championship (2021) up to 60 kg.
Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

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Abdumalik Khalakov represented Uzbekistan in the -56 kg category during the Youth Olympic Games. He had a very difficult path to the final.


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He competed against rivals from Argentina, Albania, and in the final he met with the representative of Ukraine and, won and realized his dream - he became the champion of the Youth Olympics.

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“The license was difficult for me. At the World Championships in Budapest, I had five fights. I was able to defeat everyone. Then I set myself the goal of becoming the champion of the Youth Olympics. I did not consider any other options and prepared hard. It was not so difficult for me to oppose the Argentine, although his compatriots supported him. It was difficult in the final with a rival from Ukraine. During the battle, he always ran away, it was not easy for me in this situation. I provoked him and wanted to take revenge, because once he won me in a tournament in Azerbaijan. Therefore, in the ring we also had our own scores. But I completed the installation, and now I plan to compete in the national championship among adults. I have room to grow, and now I want to show my abilities at the adult Olympics, ”said the boxer, after final bout.

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AIBA World Championship 2021


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At the 2021 World Boxing Championship held in Belgrade (Serbia), Abdumalik Khalokov knocked out Yasin Lyama from the tournament in the 1/16 round by unanimous decision.
In the 1/8 finals, he defeated the Macedonian Tadej Chernoga by unanimous decision.
In the 1/4 finals, he passed Vsevolod Shumkov, in the semifinals his rival Iranian Danial Shakhbakhsh did not enter the ring due to injury.


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In the final, in a competitive battle, he lost to the Frenchman Sofyan Umia by unanimous decision.

What Olympic medalist and World Champion Shahram Giyasov says about Abdumalik Khalokov
“Abdumalik Khalakov is a boxer with the strongest technique in the current national team. His fighting style is similar to mine."

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Abdumalik says "My hobby is horse riding" While riding, all major muscle groups are involved.

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It normalizes muscle tone, improves coordination, strengthens muscles and even improves gait. Horse riding improves well-being and improves mood, relieves stress and gives vivid impressions, and has a positive effect on health.


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