AFC announces slot allocation for 2021/2022 Club Competition seasons

Based on the AFC Club Competitions Ranking, Uzbekistan Football Association is given one direct and one indirect slot allocation for the 2021/2022 AFC Champions League.

Besides, one additional direct slot for Uzbekistan in the 2021/2022 AFC Cup in accordance with Article 5.3 of the Entry Manual for AFC Club Competitions.

Hence, 2020/2021 Uzbekistan Super League champions shall advance to 2021/2020 AFC Champions League group matches, while 2020/2021 Uzbekistan Cup winners shall take part in 2021/2020 AFC Champions League Preliminary Stage/Play-off Stage.

If 2020/2021 Uzbekistan Cup winners succeed in Qualification round and earn a quota place for the group stage, 2020/2021 Uzbekistan Super League runner-up shall participate in 2021/2022 AFC Cup group stage.

If not, 2020/2021 Uzbekistan Cup winners will continue their campaign from the 2021/2022 AFC Cup group stage.

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