I told Shomurodov to take yellow, and he...

At the moment, Valery Karpin, who manages the Russian national team, admitted that when he worked at Rostov, he told his players to get a yellow card for missing a game, which did not matter to the players.

" I gave such an assignment to Shomurodov and Karioka. Shomurodov ran for 10 minutes, not knowing what to do to get a yellow. The easiest way is to stand in front of the ball while the referee is whistling and prevent him from entering the game. Please note that the referee first warns the player to move away from the ball. Meanwhile, he does not leave and receives a yellow card. So that's enough.

And Shomurodov chased the enemy from behind and almost killed him with a blow. The referee had a reason to show the red card directly to Eldor," recalls Valery Karpin."

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