U14 Uzbekistan Championship. The name of the finalists is known

U14 Uzbekistan Championship semi - final round of the tournament "Odil Junior" - "Navbahor" ended. In this match, the team "Odil Junior" won the opponent in 3:0 and got the final ticket. 

In the team ranks, Ogabek Eshmamatov once occupied the opponent's gate, Akmal Akhmatov reached the Duble.  Also in the game Khorezm - Pakhtakor, which ended a few hours ago, the khorezmians won a series of penalties and reached the final. 

We will watch "Odil Junior" and "Khorezm" matches in the final of this tournament. This competition starts at 14 October at 16:00. Teams "Pakhtakor" - "Navbahor" will compete for the third place in the competition.

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