Alisher Kadyrov proposed to change the name and logo of the club FC Sogdiana

A little bit about football…

I am a big fan of the Jizzakh team. And I love FC Nasaf, a great team.

Ergash Saliyev, who once thanked Nuriddin Zainiyev for the fundamental development of football in Kashkadarya, is now in Jizzakh. The current governor, who loves football and at this age also plays football personally, I do not know. Football is fundamentally developing in Jizzakh, this is a fact. But so far we are behind, 1:2.

And I advise Ulugbek Bakayev not to engage in local farming, but to educate local talents more. A young talent, one Khalilov, appears in Jizzakh. it is impossible to list in Nasaf... we can't be champions today, it's the only way to become contenders tomorrow!

One more statement. The name "Sogdiana" has nothing to do with Jizzakh. This is an ancient state on the territory of Samarkand. Jizzakh has never belonged to this territory. Jizzakh was the capital of the ancient state of Ustrushan.

It is necessary to change the name of the team to "Jizzakh". It is also a ready-made PR resource for effective advertising of the region, for example, Milan, Manchester, Leicester, Marseille. Even the name of the quarters in Turkey is well known in the world: Galatasaray, Besiktas, Fenerbahce.

This is the same period, given that this year Jizzakh will take part in an international tournament for the first time.

In the question of the logo…
Wolf and " Roma " - so says an ancient legend. But the wolf and Jizzakh are very cute. We have to think. The logo of the Jizzakh region, similar to the Juventus logo, turned out to be simply gorgeous, in fact, why this logo is not used is understandable, popular and understandable. .

In general, football in Uzbekistan has changed. The number of viewers and fair games has increased. I personally enjoy everyone's game.

If we privatize the collectives faster and continue the reforms in this form, then serious results are just around the corner," said Alisher Kadyrov, chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party National Revival.


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