Director of "Sport TV " Zohid Karimov replied to the head of "Football TV "(photo)

Since yesterday, the media has been widely discussing on which TV channel of Uzbekistan the English Premier League will be broadcast. The head of Football TV, Oybek Ortikov, told about this situation on his Instagram page. In turn, the director of the TV channel " Sport " Zahid Karimov responded to the accusations.

"There are different opinions on the APPLE issue. Those who issue a "fatwa", not understanding the Open Law market, will still look for the culprits. "Sport TV did not even participate in the auction for the APPLE show and did not plan to. The reason is that it is difficult to fit into what has been taken.

According to my information, Setanta Sports will show APL on the territory of Uzbekistan. Therefore, refrain from slander, accusing MTRK or the TV channel "Sport". (I hope the appeal will find the owner).

We accept competitions according to our capabilities," Zohid Karimov wrote on Twitter.


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