Diyor Imomkhodjaev warned the players!

The General Director of the Professional Football League of Uzbekistan, Diyor Imamkhodjaev, said in his Telegram channel that new players of clubs with arrears will not be granted a license.

"To the attention of professional players and their intermediaries!

If you want to join another club by terminating your current contract with your club during the summer transfer window, we recommend that you take your time. Since the Uzpfl debt does not grant licenses to new players of existing football clubs. This means that you cannot participate in official matches for at least half of the season.

Based on this, respect your current contract. If you need to leave, you can get information about your new club through the Players' Association or Uzpfl. Through this, we are trying to protect players, coaches and football clubs who cannot receive their salaries on time. Any club must first pay off its debts, and then sign new acquisitions and agreements,” the report says.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Uzpfl began to study the issue of debt of football clubs.


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