Taekwondo. For the first time we have the opportunity to participate in the Grand Prix with eight Taekwondo players

Soon, prestigious competitions that are part of the Grand Prix series will start in the world of taekwondo. Only athletes who occupy high places in the Olympic ranking can take part in these tournaments. Thus, the weight categories In this classification are formed in the same way as at the Olympic Games, and give valuable rating points to the most prestigious competition of 4 years.

Representatives of the Taekwondo Association of Uzbekistan, the coaching staff on the basis of a carefully drawn up plan at the beginning of the year provided an opportunity for our taekwondo athletes to earn the maximum number of rating points at international competitions. Taking advantage of this, our compatriots who climbed to the podium were able to get to the territory where they could take part in the Grand Prix.

Let's look at the place of our taekwondo athletes in the Olympic ranking. In it we indicate the place of our athletes who can take part in the Grand Prix.

-68 kg:
1. Bradley Sinden (Great Britain) – 274.14
2. Ulugbek Rashitov (Uzbekistan) – 220.04 …
35. Niyaz Pulatov (Uzbekistan) – 68.53.

-80 kg:
1. Maxim Khramtsov (Russia) – 337.51 ...
6. Nikita Rafalovich (Uzbekistan) – 166.99 ...
18. Shukhrat Salaev (Uzbekistan) – 85.31.

+80 kg:
1. Vladislav Larin (Russia) – 352.96 ...
44. Shorukh Rajabov (Uzbekistan) – 46.56.

-57 kg:
1. Anastasia Zolotych (USA) – 316.70 ...
13. Charos Kayumova (Uzbekistan) – 125.53.

-67 kg:
1. Matej Elicic (Croatia) – 335.26 ...
14. Feruza Sodikova (Uzbekistan) – 127.71.

+67 kg:
1. Bianca Walkden (Great Britain) – 344.76 ...
10. Svetlana Osipova (Uzbekistan) – 130.10.

As you can see, eight of our representatives can take part in Grand Prix tournaments. According to the Taekwondo Association of Uzbekistan, for the first time our national team in such a large composition is preparing for competitions with the best taekwondo athletes in the world. Competitions this season will be held on June 3-5 in Rome, September 2-4 in Paris and October 21-23 in Manchester.


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