The opponent of the Uzbek fighter in the AMC Fight Night 99 tournament has been announced

Uzbek MMA fighter Bakhodir Bakiev has signed a contract with the Russian promotion "Fight Night". Bakiev will also return to the octagon at the AMC Fight Night 99 tournament, which is scheduled for December 25 in Moscow.

We approached the athlete with questions about this contract and his future opponent.

-First of all, congratulations on signing a contract with a prestigious promotion!

- Thank you!

- The interesting thing for us is that you were also fighting in the GFC ...?

- I understand your question. According to my manager, I was going to have my own fights in this promotion as well.

- How will this be done, will both organizations allow it?

- He said there would be no problem with that.

- How many fights did Fight Night offer you? That is, how many fights took place under the contract?

- Four.

- In which weight category will you fight on December 25 in the weight category of 56.7-61.2 kg or 61.2-65.6 kg?

- I will go to the octagon in the featherweight category.

- So is the opponent also clear?

- Of course, my opponent will be Kazakhstan's Assu Almabaev (11-2).

- You recently won the world championship in combat sambo. I mean, don’t your fights in MMA affect your performance in sambo?

- It can have a positive effect. Because both are sports that are very close to each other.

- I meant the schedule. Is it possible that competitions in both directions will be held at the same time?

- Maybe, but we’ll take action depending on the situation.

- So far, these were the questions we wanted to ask. Luckily, there will be a number of more questions after your December 25 victory. We wish you good luck in this regard!

- Thank you for your attention. We try to please fans with victories.

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