The Uzbek K-1 fighter will make his MMA debut

Shakhriyor Juraev, who competes in K-1, will also fight in MMA on November 27. Juraev has signed a contract with the UAE Warrios promotion. Interestingly, Shakhriyor has not yet risen to the octagon in professional MMA fights. On November 27, he will make his debut. Significantly, he took part in the K-1 tournament in Dubai a week ago, on November 20.

We asked the coach and father of the athlete Sherali Juraev a few questions about this fact.

- What made you sign a contract with UAE Warrios?

- As you know, the K-1 tournament was held in Dubai on November 20, and Shakhriyor won beautifully. This brilliant victory does not seem to have left the officials of this promotion indifferent. They came up with an offer.

- How many fights did the contract have?

- Two.

- There is a difference between K-1 and MMA. I want to say that the actions on the parterre in this direction are also important. What are Shakhriyor’s options in this regard?

- Moderate.

-Isn't that a problem?

- You know, this opponent is also a muaythai, so we accepted the offer.

- Can you tell us about your opponent?

- Shakhriyor will fight with Iraqi Hussein Salim. His record in MMA was 2-4.

- Isnʼt is difficult to take part in two professional fights in a week?

- I don't think it's a problem. Shakhriyor regained his composure.

- Good luck on the way to a new direction and new goals!

- Thank you very much!

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