Uzbek boxers topped the medal standings at the AIBA World Boxing Championships

The AIBA World Boxing Championships finished with its eight final contests where Asia ranked No.1 among the continents.

Fifteen Asians earned medals in the AIBA World Boxing Championships and three out of the eight titles earned by our top Uzbek boxers Shakhobiddin Zoirov, Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov, and Bakhodir Jalolov became AIBA World Champions from Asia.

Uzbekistan’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games winner Shakhobiddin Zoirov moved back to the flyweight (52kg) and following his success over France’s Billal Bennama, he looked still in top shape in the day of the finals. The 26-year-old Uzbek ruled the middle of the ring in the first round and he was a hard target for the India’s Asian Games winner Amit Panghal.

The two-year younger Amit felt he needs to go forward more in the second and some of his hooks reached the target. Zoirov has the longer reach in their final and his counter-punches came with perfect timing. The Indian boxer was more aggressive in the third round in a bout which delivered world class tactical skills from both sides but following his Olympic success, Zoirov returned with a World title.

Uzbekistan’s Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov has done hard job in semi-final of the bantamweight (57kg) against Mongolia’s Erdenebat Tsendbaatar but finally he was able to achieve that success. The defending ASBC Asian Champion and Jakarta 2018 Asian Games winner Uzbek met for the gold with Cuba’s three-time AIBA World Champion Lazaro Alvarez. Mirzakhalilov looked motivated from the first seconds and used his pressurizing tactic in the opening minutes.

Their final was finished before the last gong when the Cuban was injured in the second round due a head blow therefore the judges had to score the bout after five minutes. The final was won by Mirzakhalilov who defeated the Cuban icon and achieved Uzbekistan’s second success in the AIBA World Boxing Championships.

Kazakhstan’s Kamshybek Kunkabayev walked over to the gold medal contest following his opponent, Australia’s AIBA Youth World Champion Justis Huni was unable to box in the day of the semi-finals. The Kazakh super heavyweight (+91kg) had to meet for the gold with his top Asian rival Uzbekistan’s Bakhodir Jalolov once again following their previous meetings. Both experienced boxers are southpaw and knew the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents in the second Uzbekistan vs. Kazakhstan final. The 25-year-old Jalolov had the height advantage which he used well enough in the first round of their superb final.

Kunkabayev and Jalolov have got excellent athletic skills in spite of their weight and landed high number of shots in the final. The Uzbek boxer had four impressive stopping jabs in the second round and received only one strong punch from the Kazakh side in that period. Jalolov dominated the third round with his effectiveness and defeated his Kazakh opponent once again following the finals of the 2017 and 2019 ASBC Asian Boxing Championships.

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