Uzbek MMA fighter will fight in the summer in the US

Champion of Uzbekistan and a number of international competitions in karate, boxing and combat sambo, and currently a member of the clubs Amir Temur and the Olimpia Sport School in Bukhara region is seriously preparing. Our Fighter is about to sign a contract with UAE’s Promotional company “Teamnogueira Fighter”.

MMA Fighter Mirafzal Akhtamov will attend ISKA world martial art championship and ICMAC world championship from 4 to 7 July on MMA.

Well, in this competition, apart from Mirafzal another our Fighters Sukhrob Rahimbekov, Miranshokh Asatullaev and Idiev Bobir are going to attend for these competitions.


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Фикр қолдириш учун авторизациядан ўтинг!
Team Uzbekistan
11/04/2019 16:12
,good job
Team Uzbekistan
08/04/2019 15:57