Vitaly Levchenko: "the financial situation at the club is an internal matter of the team"

FC Neftchi coach Vitaly Levchenko, who drew 1-1 in a home match against FC Turon in the 6th round of the Coca-Cola Super League, answered questions about integrity, fatigue and physical condition during the game, substitutions and the financial situation of the club.

"We wanted to keep the victory, but we didn't succeed. Two neighboring teams took the field, and it was a fundamental dispute for both teams. We didn't plan a draw. The team lacked composure.

I think mistakes in recent games are related to fatigue. Players feel physically tired. Of course, we will work on it.

We tried to make tactical changes during the game and change our scheme to 5-4-1, substitutions are also connected with this. But we didn't succeed, we didn't have enough strength. And the opponent tried to even the score and did it. Someone wanted to keep the result, and someone wanted to score a goal. And as a result, a draw was recorded.

The financial situation at the club is an internal matter of the team. I don't want to talk about these things. I would not associate the results with the financial situation. The results that the club shows are the product of training and preparation," Levchenko said.


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