Uzbek UFC fighter Makhmud Muradov knocked out American Andrew Sanchez

The first round was dictated by an athlete from the post-Soviet space. His opponent tried several times to knock him to the canvas, but Muradov managed to stand on his feet. In the second five minutes, the American fighter occupied the center of the ring, and the Uzbek responded with a sharp counterattack.

The decisive moment of the fight happened in the middle of the third round, when Mahmoud managed a powerful right overhand in the head of Sanchez. Andrew was so shocked by this blow that for a few seconds he could not stand on his feet, performing something like a dance. Muradov took advantage of the situation and finished off the American, forcing the judge to announce the early end of the fight.

For the Uzbeks, this fight was the third in the UFC. In total, he has 25 victories and 6 defeats in mixed martial arts. Sanchez lost for the sixth time in his career. He also has 12 victories.

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