• 24 Sep 18:20
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Asian Games: boxer Torabek Habibullaev had his first fight

Joyfully, Torabek triumphed 5-0, without leaving his opponent any chance of Hech. Congratulations to our compatriot with this victory. Ahead of us is a fight with the participation of Nigina Oktamova. Follow the course of events in US!

  • 27 Jul 22:04
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Photo by Shokhzhakhon Ergashev in response to Mathias

"Sabriel Mathias, this fight will cause you severe pain. Salita Promotions, Dmitry Salita, please arrange a fight for me," he commented.

  • 26 Jul 22:25
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"Sign the contract of battle." Sabriel Mathias trolles shahjahan Ergashev and challenges (photo)

""Salita Promotions, Dmitry Salita sign a contract for the fight, otherwise you are not sure about your "rooster", who only needs numbers. Overcome the fear and join the battle. Let him beat me first if he wants money," Mathias wrote.

  • 24 Jul 22:00
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Nursultan Ruzibayev will fight in Tashkent, the opponent is known!

The evening of July 30 will take place in the auction hall of the INDEX shopping complex in Sergeli.

  • 11 Jul 10:49
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Eddie Hearn told when Murojan Akhmadaliyev's fight will take place

The head of the Matchroom promotion company, Eddie Hearn, told the International Boxing News portal that negotiations on holding this fight are underway...

  • 23 Jun 15:23
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What is the plan for the summer training camp of the FC Kokand-1912?

The team will start preparing for the second round on July 3.

  • 12 May 14:20
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Bahadir Jalalov in the final without a fight

Bahodir Jalolov reached the final without a fight.

  • 12 May 14:13
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Uzbek boxer starts the fight in the semifinals LIVE

ybek Juraev will enter the ring with Russian Dmitry Dvali

  • 08 Mar 21:57
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Another Uzbek boxer was included in the updated IBF rating of professional boxing

4 Uzbek boxers are in a boat over the strong ones.