• 11 Apr 12:33
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For the Uzbek fighter, this victory will pave the way for the UFC!

For reference, Lozoya's record was 8-4 while Hasanov's was 9-4.

  • 09 Apr 22:40
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Nursultan Roziboev achieved promotion in the ranking.

However, in the updated UFC ranking, our compatriot took 22nd place in the middleweight (83.9 kg) category. Of course, this is also a good result...our compatriot is gaining . Another battle victory adds up to the top fighters. Good luck to him in this regard!

  • 16 Feb 20:23
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"OCTAGON 55". Azizbek Temirov defeated his Azerbaijan opponent by technical knockout

In the second round of the fight, Temirov knocked down his opponent with a strong blow and could not continue the fight. Thus, our representative won by technical knockout.

  • 15 Feb 21:37
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Timur Mamurjanov will fight in the "WEF 132" tournament!

That is, the "WEF 132" tournament will take place. It is important for us that our compatriot Timur Mamurjanov will also climb into the octagon on the night of this fight.

  • 04 Jan 20:28
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Muhammadjan Qurbanov is leaving the championship belt vacant.What are his plans?

For reference, the championship belt in the light weight category also belongs to the Ukrainian, Gurbanov's teammate Doston markets. The coach of both Dmitry Khudyakov said that Bazarov can continue his career in the United States or in European promos.

  • 03 Jan 19:49
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The "new star" of the UFC learned a new opponent!

Aliaskerov had joined through his win in the UFC Dana Uayt Contender Series tournament, and later achieved 2 victories. Hernandez Ham was added through this Dana White tournament, and 7 fights were lost.He won 5 of them.

  • 17 Dec 11:56
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The Uzbekistan MMA team won 26 medals at the Asian Championships!

At the end, the Uzbekistan team won 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 3 bronze medals at the senior level, while the 18-20 team won 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 1 bronze medal, and the 12-17 age category won 1 Gold, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze. In total, with 12 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 5 bronze medals, he won 1st place overall. Of course, congratulations to all delegation members with this successful participation!

  • 17 Dec 11:52
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Check out all the results recorded in the" UFC 296 " tournament!

The UFC 296 tournament, which started this morning, came to an end. The following results were recorded at UNE.

  • 11 Dec 19:00
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2 more medals were won at the MMA Asian Championships!

Follow the course of events in US!

  • 06 Dec 22:47
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The composition of the national team of Uzbekistan participating in the MMA Asian Championship is known!

Below, you can get acquainted with athletes and members of the delegation who know how to defend the honor of our country in Bahrain.