Ruzikul Berdiyev: "we suffer a lot from the judges' decision"

After the match of the 21st round of the Uzbekistan Super League "Nasaf" - "Sogdiana" (1:1), the head coach of "resistance" Ruzikul Berdiyev took part in a press conference and expressed the following thoughts:

"The game always lasts 90 minutes, but today we played football for about 30 minutes. This is usually 40 minutes. As for the competition itself, we suffered greatly from the judges' decision. I think it was the same today. You saw what Aibek Bazarov did when he was shot down.

We needed to make the score bigger. There were several situations at the beginning of the second half, but we couldn't use them. So I think we've lost points."

- What is the reason for the absence of Abdurakhimov and Sharaf Mukhitdinov from the team?

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"They both have injuries. For this reason, today's debate was not included in the report."

- Nasaf has a lot of opportunities, but the players can't take advantage of them. What causes this: lack of skills, excitement or other Vajrayana?

"There will be cases that you mentioned, but, in addition, in competitions on our field, the opponents will play more defensively. Sometimes because of this, it is difficult for our attackers to break into the penalty area. That's why I insisted on making the most of the guys' standard situations. We created a lot of situations from corners and standards in the first minutes, but, alas, to no avail.

I think everyone is in a good mood. I also understand the fans. We still have games ahead of us, and we will fight to the end."

- The semifinal match against FC AGMK is also a big test...

"There is no easiest opponent at this stage. We are only thinking about the final!


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