1 year ago – Uzbekistan achieved 10 titles in 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships

Uzbekistan dominated the last day of boxing in Kuwait City where their boxers, including future stars Umidillo Abdurasulov and Dalerjon Bozorov, achieved 10 out of the 14 titles.

India and Kazakhstan both claimed two gold medals in the competition where finally 15 nations earned at least one bronze. Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Philippines, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Jordan, Iran, Palestine, Thailand, Iraq, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates all were on the medal table of the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. Syria, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and Pakistan also attended in the schoolboy event but their boxers were unable to get podium places in Kuwait City.

ASBC President and AIBA Vice-President Mr. Anas Alotaiba followed the bouts in the fifth day of the event in Kuwait City together with ASBC Vice-President Mr. Yousuf Ali Al-Kazim, ASBC EC members and President of the Kuwait Boxing Federation Mr. Mohammed Mensi Al-Enezi. Altogether 150 young boxers from 21 Asian nations competed for the medals and titles in Kuwait City’s Shaikh Al-Abdullah Sports Complex.

The ASBC Asian Schoolboys Confederation Boxing Championships was a new milestone in our continent and it was held at the first time on August 2019. Boxers who were born in 2005 and in 2006 were eligible to compete in the event for the 14 available titles from the 35kg up to the +70kg weight classes.

Khumoyunmirzo Abdurasulov defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Bekzat Ergeshov in the final of the 35kg weight class therefore Uzbekistan claimed the historical first gold medal in the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. Uzbekistan’s Hojiakbar Mahmudov was taller than his Indian opponent Aryan and landed nice jabs from safe distance therefore he achieved his nations’ second gold medal in Kuwait City.

Uzbekistan’s youngest team member Farrukh Tulaganov was only 13 by the time of the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships but he won all of his contests in 2019 including his final over Turkmenistan’s most experienced schoolboy boxer Alisher Orazbayev. Uzbekistan’s next gold medal was taken by two-time Schoolboys National Champion Umidillo Abdurasulov who used his best combinations to beat Turkmenistan’s Dovlet Nurmuradov in the final.

Uzbekistan’s fifth-in-a-row title was taken by Boburbek Bobojonov who was highly confident in the final against Philippines’ most experienced team member Raymond Lofranco.Uzbekistan’s Lazizbek Tulkinov won the final of the 49kg weight class against Vinay Vishwakarma in Kuwait City. Uzbekistan’s two-time Schoolboy National Champion Dalerjon Bozorov made the at the 52kg weight class and defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Schoolboy National Champion Amangeldi Maksutov in the final.

Uzbekistan’s Zirve Children Games gold medallist Jakhongir Narziyev controlled his final at the 55kg weight class against India’s Preet Malik and achieved his nation’s next success in Kuwait City.  

India’s Yashwardhan Singh delivered his peak performance in the final against Uzbekistan’s Abdulaziz Abdurakhmanov and he was able to break Uzbekistan’s impressive dominancy getting a gold medal in Kuwait City and the best boxer trophy. Uzbekistan’s Mizrob Nekboyev claimed only silver medal in their Schoolboys National Championships but earned gold medal in Kuwait City after beating Kazakhstan’s Viktor Litvinov. Uzbekistan’s next title was taken by Shavkatjon Boltayev who triumphed over India’s Gaurav Saini.

Kazakhstan’s Batyrkhan Seitenov defeated his main rivals as India’s Beniwal Naksh and Uzbekistan’s Shakhboz Khamidullayev and took the title of the 67kg weight class. India’s Joon Bharat delivered a small surprise in the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships and achieved his nation’s second gold. Kazakhstan’s Schoolboys National Champion Yerdos Sharipbek knocked out Turkmenistan’s 194cm tall Bogdan Konstantinov in the semi-final and continued his winning path against India’s Randeep. 

List of the winners in the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships
 35kg: Khumoyunmirzo Abdurasulov, Uzbekistan
 37kg: Hojiakbar Mahmudov, Uzbekistan
 40kg: Farrukh Tulaganov, Uzbekistan
 43kg: Umidillo Abdurasulov, Uzbekistan
 46kg: Boburbek Bobojonov, Uzbekistan
 49kg: Lazizbek Tulkinov, Uzbekistan
 52kg: Dalerjon Bozorov, Uzbekistan
 55kg: Jakhongir Narziyev, Uzbekistan
 58kg: Yashwardhan Singh, India
 61kg: Mizrob Nekboyev, Uzbekistan
 64kg: Shavkatjon Boltayev, Uzbekistan
 67kg: Batyrkhan Seitenov, Kazakhstan
 70kg: Joon Bharat, India
 +70kg: Yerdos Sharipbek, Kazakhstan

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