8 representatives of Uzbekistan will perform at the World Cup today

As part of today's competition day, Uzbek athletes will perform, who will fight for victory.

Madinabona Jurayeva (-64 kg), Nigora Suvonova (-71 kg) and Sevinch Komilova (-71 kg) will compete in the World Junior Weightlifting Championship in Saudi Arabia today.

And at the Judo World Cup in Italy among young people, 5 athletes of Uzbekistan in 4 weight categories will take to the tatami.

-100 kg: Sukhrob Razhabov - Bekaris Saduakas (Kazakhstan) the first stage

-100 kg: Utkirbek Turaboev — Benjamin Matasey (Slovakia) first stage

+100 kg: Shokhrukh Mamarasulov - Omar Silva (Mexico) first stage

-78 kg: Irishon Kurbonboeva — Zanet Michailidou (Cyprus) first stage

+78 kg: Fotima Kurambayeva — Erica Simonetti (Italy) first stage

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