A German coach will start working at

The Turon club, which has left the Super League, is ready to start all over again. The fact is that the club's bosses started working in full swing this year, having drawn the necessary conclusions from the mistakes made.

As you know, Olimkhan Akhmedov recently became the president of the Turan club. A specialist from Tajikistan, Alexander Azimov, has been appointed Vice-president of the club.

You know that during the season the team was coached by Islam Ismailov, Boguslav Baniak, Igor Shkvyrin and Bahrom Khakimov. Well, the question is who will be the head coach at Turan in the new season.

Club President Olimkhon Akhmedov and other candidates for the post of head coach are under consideration. It is expected that Bahrom Khakimov will work with young people. He also added that an experienced specialist in physical training from Germany will come to the team.

Therefore, it is likely that we will soon witness noticeable changes in the Turon club.

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