A press conference was held in Tashkent before the start of the international judicial exam

In order to fulfill the President's instructions on training qualified personnel in all sports, such an international event was held for coaches. An event for judges will be held within the next week. In it, judges from many countries of the world in rapier, sabre and sword will take an exam to get an international category.

Today, a press conference was held in the conference hall of the NOC, which was attended by representatives of the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan, the International Judging Panel. During the event, representatives of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Kazakhstan, Jordan and Cambodia will take exams for the international category.

The FIE exam consists of 3 parts - a theoretical exam, a video analysis and a practical exam. Only candidates who have passed the theoretical exam and video analysis can take the practical exam.

During the conference, representatives of the judging panel of the International Fencing Federation Irina Kanish, Olga Kojalari and Ferjani Salah answered journalists' questions on the topic.

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