A seminar was organized for referees to analyze the matches of the past rounds of the Super League

The Football Association of Uzbekistan conducts a number of systematic activities aimed at developing the field of refereeing in the country, improving the skills and potential of football referees, ensuring honesty and transparency.

In particular, after several rounds of the Super League and Pro League this season, the UFA Refereeing and Inspection Department organized a special seminar to analyze errors and shortcomings.

A seminar on the results of several rounds of the Super League was held in the conference hall of the Football Association of Uzbekistan. The event was attended by UFA First Vice-President Ravshan Irmatov, FIFA instructors, referees and inspectors.

During the seminar, the judges and inspectors analyzed the behavior of the judges of the previous rounds on the basis of video materials. Some mistakes were noted, instructions were given on how to fix the shortcomings, what to pay attention to so as not to repeat these mistakes in the next games.

As in any field, it was emphasized that today a responsible and professional approach to work, courage in obtaining modern knowledge is in demand in judicial activity.

The seminar also included practical exercises covering all aspects of judging. The practice included working with situations outside the game, violations within the penalty area, decisions made after collisions, hand play and many other situations that arise in the game.

Similar seminars and practical classes are held throughout the season.

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