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Eldor Shomurodov's teammate Stefan El Shaaravi is considered one of the most talented strikers in Italy. Being the child of an international family - Egyptian Sabri and Swiss Lucy, Stefan is considered a player who, despite his young age, has accumulated a lot of experience and has seen a lot.

There are many similarities with the Eldor. In particular, El Shaarawi, like Eldor, is hardworking, fast, belligerent, regularly threatens the goal and copes well with pressure on defenders. He can act as both a central forward and a winger.

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The Italian striker started his career in Serie A in Genoa, as did Eldar. However, his first steps in Genoa were not so successful. The striker, who failed to demonstrate his potential in three matches, was loaned to the Genoese in Padova.

It was in 2011 that Milan joined the ranks of the young talent who opened the game in this team and started scoring one goal in almost every of the three matches. Then, after spending one season at Monaco, Stefan joined Roma in 2016.

In three years at the Rome club, Al-Shaarawi played 109 matches and scored 34 goals. Playing for Shanghai Shunhua in 2019-2021, Al-Shaarawi played a total of 16 matches in the Chinese championship and scored one goal, after which he decided to return to his homeland.

Returning to Rome in 2021, the footballer rejoined his dear team. Before the match against his original team, Genoa, Stefan Al-Shaarawi shared his thoughts.

- After returning from China, it became much more difficult for me. First of all, I needed to recover my physical condition, and it was difficult. Coming from China, I spent a lot of sweat to adjust to the pace of the Italian Championship, and it wasn't easy. In China, I could train mostly individually. Because lately I haven't had a team to study in a general group. Teammates did not have the opportunity to perform such exercises as receiving the ball and hitting the goal, passing the ball to them. Nevertheless, I was able to adapt to Serie A and help the team at the end of last season, said Stefan Al-Shaarawi.

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It is worth noting that Stefan Al-Shaarawi, who played ten matches for Roma last season and scored one goal, had to fight to get into the main squad after Roma was taken over by Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese specialist has completely updated the attack line of the Club of Rome. First he translated Eldor Shomurodov from”Genoa " and made a bet on the Uzbek forward in the tactics with one striker, which he used.

After receiving Tammy Abraham from Chelsea, Mourinho also sent Eldar to the reserve, giving the English star every chance.

While Shomurodov remains the first deputy, Stefan Al-Shaarawi has shown that he does not lag behind the Uzbek striker in the domestic competition and regularly takes the field, justifying Jose's trust.

Now the situation in Mourinho's team has changed. The Portuguese specialist prefers to play with two strikers. In the match against Venice, it was proved that the pair of Temmi Abraham and Eldar Shomurodov can effectively play at the forefront.

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Stefan Al-Shaarawi, on the other hand, took the midfielder position, which allows a flanking attack from the famous player Henri Mkhitaryan. Therefore, Jose Mourinho mainly relies on Temmi Abraham, Eldar Shomurodov, Stefan Al-Shaarawi, Lorenzo Pellegrini in Roma's attack.




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