Alexander Khomyakov: "This game showed us that we need to work even harder"

After the meeting of Andijan with the Volga club, the head coach of our team, Alexander Khomyakov, shared his impressions.

"The opposing team showed us how to play. We need to strive to play like this, I liked the team. We have a lot of problems. They are repeated game after game. While we can't fix it, the opponent scores goals from two games in standard situations, and again a penalty was awarded. This game showed us that we need to work even harder. We should strive to play football as if the opposing team were playing.

We still have time. We post different content and check it. Now we are giving everyone a chance, and there is little time left. Today we lost to our opponent in every possible sense. At first we created four good situations in the first half, but unfortunately we couldn't score. There is a problem in every position, we conceded a goal, couldn't score a goal. Therefore, we still have a lot of work to do," says Alexander Andreevich.

The press service of "Andijan".


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