Andijan coach: "We have been waiting for this day for a whole year"

In the second part of the press conference organized after the match” Andijan “ - ”Mashal" (4:2), the assistant coach of our team Oleg Kornienko took part.

- First of all, I congratulate the Andijan region and its people on today's important victory. We have been waiting for this day all year round, and now we have come to this day. Thanks to the fans, residents of Andijan for everything. Our friends and relatives congratulate us all on the victory. The game started nervously for us. 4:2-I think it's a good score for the fans. We had a strong intrigue. But even in this case, we conceded two goals due to our own mistakes. Our team was able to show character. I've said it before and I can say it now. Once again, I congratulate everyone on the victory. At the same time, we couldn't take advantage of 3-4 more scoring chances. We should have scored those goals in the very first half.

- On behalf of the entire Andijan people, we congratulate the team on the victory. Today was a good match. But individual mistakes were noticeable in the team game. For example, the goalkeeper...

- Our goalkeepers made mistakes in both games. That's right, now there is a little break in the middle, and I think they will be able to correct their mistakes and omissions and move on to the next dispute. Of course, we will consider and analyze these situations by the coaching staff. We should have won this match, okay. Everyone understood perfectly well that we had to win today. The main thing is that we won today's game. There was one mistake, but it was replaced by the others. We have formed into a real team. They showed that they support each other on the field. We have become a team with a character that loves to win and hates to lose. It eventually paid off. We worked tirelessly up to 90+4 minutes, and it paid off.

- You gave basic instructions in the game. Is the absence of head coach Viktor Kumikov known?

- Of course, it was much more difficult without a head coach. No matter what we do, we will be patient in one more game, and everything will fall into place. The team members felt great when the head coach was standing on the podium, and not in his place. They also told themselves that they would try hard enough accordingly, and kept their word.

Press service” Andijan".


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