Andijan hosted International Hand to Hand Combat Tournament at Soglom Avlod Stadium

Champions League H2H Fight International Hand to Hand Combat Tournament was held at Soglom Avlod Stadium on Saturday evening.

Uzbek H2H fighter contested with the athletes from Russian, Belarus, and Tajikistan in the competition which was organized by the Committee of Physical Education and Sports of Uzbekistan.

The spectator witnessed the six fights in six weight classes in Hand to Hand Combat night in Andijan.

1. Giyasiddin Jamoliddinov (Uzbekistan) vs Amirkhan Otakhonov (Tajikistan)

2. Sardor Sodikov (Uzbekistan) vs Igor Chemyakin (Belarus)

3. Jamshid Rahmonaliyev (Uzbekistan) vs Aleksey Volkov (Russia)

4. Ilyos Raimov (Uzbekistan) vs Aleksandr Soldatkin (Russia)

5. Muhiddin Mamajonov (Uzbekistan) vs Aleksey Ilyenko (Russia)

6. Jahongir Jumayev (Uzbekistan) vs Dmitriy Rodak (Belarus)

Photo Gallery from Opening Ceremony


Photo Gallery from Hand to Hand Combat Fights






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