Appointment of officials for the 21st round of the women's major league.

The appointment of referees, inspectors and commissioners for the matches of the 21st round of the women's major league has been published on the PFL Uz website. They will all start at the same time. The time has come for decisive disputes for medals and for the right to stay in the league, so it is necessary to put the teams in the most equal conditions, if possible.

XXVII Championship of Uzbekistan.


In the tour, AGMK-W and Navbahor-W are resting in the top and bottom five, respectively.


October 29.


Referees: Farrukh Yusupov, Sherzod Komarov, Sardor Khakimov.

Inspector: Andrey Tambovtsev.

Commissioner: Aybek Yunusov.


Referees: Rustam Lutfullin, Daler Tillaev, Hassan Nabiev.

Inspector: Igor Khudaidatov.

Commissioner: Shahrukh Said.


Referees: Rosiyabona Yusupova, Gulshoda Saidkulova, Laylo Jalolova.

Inspector: Shukhrat Egamberdiev.

Commissioner: Kudrat Madraimov.


Judges: Khusnora Dzhumaeva, Kristina Sereda, Mohirabona Muralieva.

Inspector: Babur Kadirov.

Commissioner: Vladimir Nazarov.

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