Asad Sobirzhonov: "every game is equal to the final"

On the eve of the match of the 15th round of the Uzbekistan Super League, FC Navbahor - FC Surkhan is an experienced midfielder of the Falcons Asadbek Sobirzhonov, who recently turned 22, shared his opinion about the upcoming match.

- You know that our team also successfully started the match of the 2nd round, returned from Karshi with an important victory and strengthened its leadership position. Therefore, now every game for our team is a final.

As for the upcoming match, despite the fact that FC Surkhan is currently at the bottom of the standings, each opponent should be treated with respect. Therefore, there will be no easy games in the Super League.

We are the players, we strive to win tomorrow's match, share our joy with the fans, and further strengthen our leadership. Just for this, I ask the fans to support our team properly right at the stadium.

Taking this opportunity, on behalf of our team, I express my gratitude to the khokim of Namangan region Shavkat Shokirzhanovich Abdurazzakov, as well as the leadership of the FC Navbahor, including the president of the club Otabek Arifovich Samatov, who creates all conditions for us.

Our team will fight to the end to achieve the lofty goal set for itself this season, that is, for a ticket to the Asian Champions League, and we, the players, will do everything possible for this.

The press service of the FC Navbahor.


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