ASBC Asian Junior Champions continue their national dominancy at the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships

Uzbekistan impressed in the Ulaanbaatar 2019 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships on November where their young hopes achieved two gold medals. Their talents claimed four gold medals in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and many of them are now member of their youth team.

Boxers who were born in 2002 and in 2003 were eligible to attend in the competition which was the first selection event for them. Altogether 310 boxers competed for the medals in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships in Andizhan. The bantamweight (56kg) was the most popular category with the participation of 47 boxers but the lightweight (60kg) also saw actions from 45 athletes.

The first gold medal of the event was achieved by Sayotbek Kamolmirzayev of Ferghana who defeated Ibrokhim Ishjonov of Khorezm at the pinweight (46kg). The light flyweight (49kg) is strong in Uzbekistan and their Avazjon Yuldashev was able to beat a new youth hope Bekzod Kholdorov of Chyrchyk in the final.

The flyweight (52kg) delivered also tough battles between experienced boxers in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships. Dilshod Abduvaliyev of Chyrchyk competed international events in 2019 and those experiences paid off in the final of the category against Fayzullo Khudoyberdiyev which was a narrow fight in Andizhan.

Mirzabek Mirzakhalilov claimed bronze medal in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships in Ulaanbaatar and he is still in this age group also in 2020. The Uzbek boxer moved up to the bantamweight (56kg) and proved his very best and quick acclimatization to the category. Mirzabek, who is AIBA World Champion Mirazizbek’s younger brother, was too smart for Khusanboy Abdurakhmanov of Andizhan in the final.

Firdavs Jumyozov was not the main favourite for the gold medal at the lightweight (60kg) but he defeated Ferghana’s Adkhamjon Mukhiddinov in the final. The light welterweight (64kg) gold medal was captured by Asilbek Makhamadjonov who defeated Umid Kadamboyev unanimously. Tashkent region’s Sirajatdin Khojakmetov won his first national title following his success over Andizhan’s Sadimboy Nasriddinov at the welterweight (69kg).

Navoy’s Login Petrov is the defending ASBC Asian Junior Champion who won all of his previous national events and joined to the youth age group only a few weeks ago. The 16-year-old middleweight (75kg) boxer defeated all of his five opponents in Andizhan including his last rival Azimjon Ergashev. Ferghana’s Nodirbek Primberdiyev earned his first big title in Uzbekistan after his final success over Lutfullo Khabibullayev.

ASBC Asian Junior Champion Shokhrukh Almatov was the main favourite for the gold medal at the heavyweight (91kg). The 17-year-old boxer moved down from the super heavyweight (+91kg) but he suffered an unexpected loss in the semi-finals to Ibrokhim Ortikov. Following that surprise, Ortikov was unable to capture the gold medal after losing the final battle to Zafarbek Bozorov.

Dzhizak’s ASBC Asian Junior Champion Jakhongir Zokirov is also 16 as Login Petrov but he has such strong experiences in the international events. His father Lazizbek claimed silver medal in the 1995 edition of the Asian Boxing Championships and he is following the family traditions. Zokirov had three fights in Andizhan and dominated all of them while Ferghana’s Mukhammadyunus Mominjonov achieved the silver medal.

List of the winners in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships
46kg: Sayotbek Kamolmirzayev
49kg: Avazjon Yuldashev
52kg: Dilshod Abduvaliyev
56kg: Mirzabek Mirzakhalilov
60kg: Firdavs Jumyozov
64kg: Asilbek Makhamadjonov
69kg: Sirajatdin Khojakmetov
75kg: Login Petrov
81kg: Nodirbek Primberdiyev
91kg: Zafarbek Bozorov
+91kg: Jakhongir Zokirov


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