ASBC Heroes – Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Schoolboy Champion and two-time national winner Dalerjon Bozorov

Bozorov won their Schoolboys National Championships also twice which is rare in their top boxing country. He was one of the ASBC Heroes in 2019 but his career’s highlights could be coming soon in the upcoming years.

Dalerjon Bozorov was born in the city of Bukhara on February 12 in 2005 and started his career as a young child. Bukhara’s Dalerjon Bozorov won the title at the 2018 Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships at the 46kg weight class following his success over Muzaffarbek Ozodov in the final.

The 14-year-old Uzbek talent defended his throne at the 2019 Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships in Termez after beating Khorezm’s Ulugbek Bakhodirov in the final of the 52kg weight category which was one of the most crowded division.

Bozorov was too smart for Azerbaijan’s duo Nazim Kazimli and Aslan Guliyev in the Zirve Schoolboys Boxing Championships in Baku which was his first big international event out of Uzbekistan. The young Uzbek talent had a key fight in the quarter-finals of the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships but he managed his success over India’s attacking boxer Ashish.

Two-time Schoolboy National Champion Dalerjon Bozorov has made the show against Tajikistan’s Shakhboz Dadajonov in the semi-finals of the 52kg weight class in Kuwait City. The experienced Uzbek boxer was highly confident, motivated and hungry for his next success against Kyrgyzstan’s Schoolboy National Champion Amangeldi Maksutov in the final. The Kyrgyz was satisfied with his place in the final and he was not able to repeat his previous performance against the technician Uzbek. The virtuoso Bozorov controlled all of the rounds and his next superb performance delivered the seventh gold medal for Uzbekistan.

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