ASBC Heroes – Uzbekistan’s promising female boxer Nigina Uktamova hopes to conquer the youth age group

Nigina Uktamova was born also in a historical city as many of her fellows in Samarkand which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. She was born in the city on June 14 in 2003 and began her training there with coach Mr. Uzokov at the age of 14. Uktamova amazed in her first international event at the 2018 Khayrutdinov Women’s Junior Memorial Tournament where she claimed the gold medal. 

Following Uzbekistan’s two strong female successes in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships, their third finalist was Nigina Uktamova. She eliminated Thailand’s Junior National Games winner 15-year-old Lalita Chainarong in the semi-final of the light bantamweight (52kg) in the UAE.

The Uzbek female boxer moved ahead from the first seconds against India’s promising Tannu and reduced the fighting distance successfully in their final contest. The Indian had longer hands but she was not able to use them effectively due to the speed of the Uzbek youngster. Uktamova was still fresh and energetic in the final round which decided their battle and it was delivered Uzbekistan’s third-in-a-row success.

As Sabina Bobokulova and Feruza Kazakova, Uktamova also joined to the youth age group following her gold medal at the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships. Uktamova won her next gold medal at the Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup where she dominated the bantamweight (54kg).

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