Azizbek Abdugafurov responded to Lerrone Richards and wants to get the shot

A fight was scheduled between British fighter Lerron Richards and Uzbek Azizbek Abdugafurov. However, due to the pandemic, this fight was postponed and their clash was under question. However, the British boxer wrote on his Instagram page yesterday that he was preparing for a fight with Azizbek Abdugafurov. We also reported about it on our website.

Azizbek Abdugafurov commented on this statement on Instagram. Here are his words to Lerron ...

" Lerrone I respect you as a fighter. I am ready for this and will be glad to fight with you. We are both highly ranked and undefeated fighters. I wish you train better. Let's do fireworks for the fans to enjoy and the ring will show who is better. Frank Warren, give us the date and place. Let's go UZB vs the UK." - he responded.

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