Bakhodir Jalolov: We are being sharpened slowly

Currently, a press conference was held in the conference hall of the National Olympic Committee on Uzbek boxing night at the Sports Palace "Humo Arena" with the participation of Uzbek boxers. It was attended by all the boxers who took part in this fight night and answered questions from the media. Bakhodir Jalolov was asked how he felt about his opponent being called weak:

"The opponent in the ring is not weak. I can't say that the athlete who is fighting against me is weak. He has 1 defeat. He has won all the other fights. In front of our fans, the boxer looks like he is not strong.

For example, Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz fought in the ring and Ruiz knocked out the giant Joshua, although he did not have as much physical capacity as Joshua. If My opponent had defeated me, the fans would say I lost to a weak opponent. An athlete should never be judged by how he looks. We are being sharpened slowly," said Jalolov.

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