Bukhara host 2018 Uzbekistan Karting Championship

2018 Uzbekistan Karting Championship in Bukhara region saw ultra-competitive racing in all four of the competing classes, run across various age groups.

Athletes from different regions of the country contested for medals in the competition.

125 Mini Max event:

1st place: Bogdan Ustinov (Tashkent)

2nd place: Christina Shipkova (Tashkent)

3rd place: Salimjon Urmonov (Andijan)

125 Junior MAX event:

1st place: Konstantin Nadymov (Tashkent)

2nd place: Vladislav Dyakonov (Syrdarya)

3rd place: Tukhtamurod Ermatov (Namangan)


125 MAX event:

1st place: Ayder Khaydarov (Tashkent)

2nd place: Emin Tolibov (Tashkent)

3rd place: Danil Belyakov (Toshshahr)

Micro Max event:

1st place: Zuhriddin Zoirjonov (Tashkent)

2nd place: Artyom Usheka (Tashkent)

3rd place: Amir Hamraev (Tashkent)


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