Bukhara takes the lead with three gold medals at Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships

The Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships contained nearly 100 contests and fifteen champions have been crowned. Bukhara claimed three gold medals in the event and became the best team while Gulshevar Ganiyeva, Feruza Sharipova, Guldana Tuleubergenova and Sanobar Bozorboyeva were the best boxers.

The Uzbek female talent claimed four gold medals in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships which showed their impressive development in women’s boxing. Boxers who were born in 2005 and in 2006 were eligible to compete in the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships.

The young talents could compete in 15 different weight classes and as usual the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation added the 42kg and 44kg categories above the official 13 divisions. The number of the participating boxers was 108 in the junior national event which was the same figure as in their Women’s Youth National Championships.

The first gold medal of the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships was achieved by Jasmina Tokhirova who defeated Odina Fazliddinova of Namangan in the final of the 42kg weight class. She trains in the city of Dzhizak which is famous of its women’s boxing developments. Ferghana’s Zilolakhon Yusofova had a tough semi-final against Samarkand’s Liyaesan Yamkulina but she survived that challenge and defeated also Aziza Shamshiyeva in the final of the 44kg weight category.

Ten boxers competed for the medals in the pinweight (46kg) where Samarkand’s Gulshevar Ganiyeva stopped two opponents before controlling her final over Samira Toychiboyeva. Shakhinabonu Nematova of Bukhara was not the main favourite for the title of the light flyweight (48kg) but she managed to win all of her four contest including the final against Andizhan’s Rukhshona Khaitbayeva.

Bukhara’s next gold medal was achieved by Feruza Sharipova who also defeated four opponents in the national event, and won the flyweight (50kg) final over Kashkadarya’s Tamanno Abdujabbarova by RSC. Dzhizak’s second title was taken by Laziza Yusupova who stopped three opponents before her final against Ferghana’s Odina Ismoilova. The final verdict was split decision in the favour of Yusupova who had still enough energies to win her fourth contest in the national event.

Karakalpakstan is a special autonomous region in Uzbekistan which delivered also a champion in the national event, their Guldana Tuleubergenova defeated Namangan’s Mushtarly Ibrokhimjonova in the final of the bantamweight (54kg). The featherweight (57kg) saw the battle between nine boxers and finally Kashkadarya’s Farida Zaripova have been crowned after beating Tashkent’s Mukhlisakhon Gafurova.

Surkhondarya’s first success in the national event was delivered by Mukhlisa Tokhirova who had a clear success over Jasmina Makhmudova at the lightweight (60kg). Sitora Bakhodirova of Khorezm dominated the light welterweight (63kg) and outpointed Feruza Alijonova of Ferghana. Samarkand’s third gold medal was earned by Sanobar Bozorboyeva who stopped all of her rivals at the welterweight (66kg) in the national event.

Ferghana’s Oysha Toirova and Khorezm’s Khavvajon Ibragimova won the next two weight categories at the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships. Tashkent region’s Shakhzoda Jumanova spent only short time in the ring and the referee stopped her unequal fight against Namangan’s Sevinch Alijonova at the light heavyweight (80kg). Bukhara’s Jasmina Rustamova had a clear dominancy against Dzhizak’s Mukhlisa Uktamova in the last final of the national event.

List of the winners in the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships
 42kg: Jasmina Tokhirova
 44kg: Zilolakhon Yusofova
 46kg: Gulshevar Ganiyeva
 48kg: Shakhinabonu Nematova
 50kg: Feruza Sharipova
 52kg: Laziza Yusupova
 54kg: Guldana Tuleubergenova
 57kg: Farida Zaripova
 60kg: Mukhlisa Tokhirova
 63kg: Sitora Bakhodirova
 66kg: Sanobar Bozorboyeva
 70kg: Oysha Toirova
 75kg: Khavvajon Ibrahimova
 80kg: Shakhzoda Jumanova
 +80kg: Jasmina Rustamova

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