Calendar of the third round of the women's first league.

The little-noticed women's first league will soon begin the final third round. This is another "oddity" of PFL Uz from the theme "take everything and divide it!" - true followers of Sharikov Polygraph Polygraphovich. Only here it didn't quite work out for them: the Tumaris team from Khorezm planted the pig, withdrawing from the tournament during the second round. The reason is again banal – there are no funds for sending a team on tours: it's as old as the world, especially in our football and - even more special! – with such "help and development of women's football" from PFL Uz.

As a result, the third stage was broken. Initially, after a two-round tournament, we wanted to divide 6 teams into threes  and hold one round in each again (!!!). But now that there are only five teams left, the tournament in the bottom "three", which has become a deuce, turned out to be meaningless; they came up with it on the go: they combined all five teams into one group again and will hold another round. The PFL even took on the costs of the teams' accommodation in Tashkent! - a tournament will be held at the Chigatai base. Initially, they already planned to pay for the teams at the tournament in two threes: it's only three game days. Now five game days have come out, and in order not to become too expensive for them (PFL), they decided to pay only for accommodation. And travel and per diem - pay for yourself, clubs!

Yeah, they already helped: they "paid" for accommodation in the UFA's native complex (!). In general, it's a laugh and a sin, but who is still there: the arrogant and ridiculously stupid and transparent actions of the PFL continue to annoy the football community and professionals. But the UFA does not react to this: everything suits them. Whether it will still be...

– And what should have been done with the format? – you ask.

Elementary! Obviously, to make a tournament in three rounds and give a calendar to everyone. And if they really wanted to help the clubs financially, then they should announce the conditions of the third round in advance: where who will live, what to live on and eat. After all, the amount of their money (read, club money) was known long before the fall, they could calculate it calmly.

But for this it is necessary to have three factors available:
- the desire to work normally and help women's clubs;
- the desire to learn new things taking into account the mistakes of your own and others, and for this the third point;
- a head on your shoulders with brains.

The PFL does not have any of this. There is only one policy: "WE ARE RIGHT! But you don't. WE KNOW EVERYTHING, and you KNOW nothing. AS WE WANT, WE WILL SPEND IT! And you - shut up and do it. This is MINE-OURS, and for you - a lump without butter. YOU GIVE US EVERYTHING!!! And we'll give you another shish..."

UFA keeps talking about the need for change, but it hasn't changed anything for years. Naked show-offs about the "development of women's football" are broken every year about the outrages of the PFL and judicial lawlessness, and they report on progress to the top!

A two-round tournament in the I League has ended here...

Table after the first 2-round stage:


Calendar of the third round.


We will transfer this material again in November to the new month, and we will fill it in there on game days.

The tournament is held taking into account all previously scored points, of course. At least this point was defended by the PFL, which previously tried with enviable tenacity to take away the points and goals scored at the first stage and start the final from scratch. But at the same time keeping the yellow and red cards received earlier by the players!

Truly, the ways of the PFL are inscrutable! How much more absurdity and actions are needed for a psychiatric diagnosis?! How many "Ball" are sitting there, have you even tried to understand the bureaucrats in the UFA? We will win back one thing – they will come up with the next! And it's even more whiplash that it goes beyond all imagination at all.

But this is THEIR invention, an innovation that has no equal in the world. Well, then it's time to make the ball square, and the gate round! After all, no one has come up with this either, that's the idea! By the way, our PFL has been spitting on the Rules of the FIFA game for a long time, so gates and fields of any shape, locker rooms with non–working lights, toilet and shower, dogs running out onto the field in the game and other provocations are all the norm in PFL tournaments. Especially in women's, and especially when a certain team is playing.

Do you want proof? They are there. I'm already writing this for readers, because UFA doesn't care. And the clubs are cowardly silent and endure. And the masses of fans blindly believe that football is developing in our country. Especially when A. Maksumov and D. Imamkhodjaev, the main heralds of our "football development", report about it from the podium.


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