Carlos Queiroz reveals he hasn't sign contract extension yet

Melli Team’s head coach Carlos Queiroz attended the post-match press conference after a fruitful game.

“It was an amazing game this evening as both sides showed a great piece of football on the pitch. Certainly, it was an interesting game despite today’s result is not important.”

“We passed another step with a narrow win in our preparation plan for Asian Cup 2019, which could be very difficult to win the title. As I explained yesterday, our participation in World Cup 2018 will not be an advantage to achieve better results in UAE. So, we should work hard and prepare for the tournament step by step.”

“Under the coaching of Hector Cuper, Uzbekistan have enough opportunities to reach World Cup 2022. But it takes time as Cuper has to bring atmosphere and gather well-experienced players to the national team. So, the Uzbek nation should believe in Hector Cuper and wait for better results.”

“We haven’t renewed the contract with Iran Football Federation, but we already negotiated the contract terms and I’m waiting for them to take a look at the new contract.”

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