Davron Fayziev: "if the..."

The Kokand-1912 team still continues its win-win streak. Kokand residents, this time taking”Lokomotiv", recorded a draw 0:0. After the meeting, the head coach of "Kokand-1912" Davron Fayziev took part in a press conference.

- After such a nervous game, it's even difficult to say something. If you don't score, you won't win in football, that's for sure. The last rounds are very difficult for our team. I didn't know how to deceive even the goalkeeper on the field and not hit the ball...I can't comment. The guys played, tried. Now we are side by side in the lower positions of Lokomotiv and Surkhan. 3 points were needed. But we chose compromise street again. Reviewing the game again, I can tell you what's next. And now I can't say anything. Eliminating a lot of situations during the game will put any team at a disadvantage. We have created at least 15-20 scoring situations since the start of the second round, including today's game. I am powerless to say anything other than that.

- How would you express in one word a series without consecutive victories?

- How can I express it? Now this may be an excuse if I answer your question. It would also be wrong if I said I would leave it open unanswered. It turns out that this is what is written on my forehead as a coach. I have no right to blame the players. Because they're trying. Please note that we had 6 draws and 2 losses with the team in the second round. We need at least 3 wins in the last 5 games in any situation. We continue to work. If the management makes a decision, I am also ready to do it right. Because every coach has it on his forehead. When a team doesn't play or can't create situations, the coach can 100 percent take the blame. In any case, managers analyze the work of each coach. Whatever decision they make, I don't mind it.


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