Davron Fayziev:

As it is already known, the World Boxing Championship begins at the end of October. The well-known commentator Davron Fayziev expressed his opinion about this competition. 

"The World Boxing Championship will be held in Serbia at the end of October. As it turned out, two star fighters are returning to our national team. Olympic champion Hasanboy Dusmatov and world champion Shakhram Giyasov. Regardless of whether  they are selected, it means that they are in good shape, it means that they are ready, it means that they can get the title. Because they both missed the Pros (in any sense), and missed the big team tournaments. They have faced criticism and want to prove, in other words, sports anger. Plus big names. If they get a medal, it will be a stellar comeback.

And the overall composition will be mixed in terms of age and experience, if confirmed. There are also new names. In addition, athletes such as Mirzakhmedov and Khalakov have grown up for serious results in terms of age. In a word, it's time to return the leadership in boxing to its owners. Good luck," Fayziev wrote.

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