FC Bunyodkor invited to participate in Supermokh Cup 2016

Tashkent-based football club, FC Bunyodkor was invited to participate in Supermokh Cup 2016, reports the official website of the football club.

On December 11-19, the competition will be held between two age categorized teams, under 12 and under 14 ages in Kuala Lumpur.

The official draw of the championship was announced on Sunday. Accordingly, FC Bunyodkor U-12 team will face off with FC Terenganu U-12 (Malaysia), Sporting (Portugal) and South Australia U-12 in the group stage of the tournament.

Similarly, another team of FC Bunyodkor under 14 will play against FC Sporting U-14 (Portugal), Shonan Bellmare U-14 (Japan) and Selangor (Malaysia) in the group matches.

Additionally, apart from the mentioned teams above, youth teams of Manchester City (England), FC São Paulo (Brazil), PSG (France), Kavasaki Frontale (Japan), FC Seongnam (South Korea) and FC Guangzhou Evergrande (China) will also take part in the championship.

Here is the group standings of Supermokh Cup 2016.

Under 12 | Group A

1. FC Terenganu

2. FC Sporting

3. FC Bunyodkor

4. South Australia

Matchday One | December 12

FC Terenganu - FC Bunyodkor

FC Sporting - South Australia

Matchday Two | December 13

FC Bunyodkor - South Australia

FC Terenganu - FC Sporting

Matchday Two | December 14

FC Terenganu - South Australia

FC Sporting – FC Bunyodkor

Under 14 | Group A

1. Sporting

2. Shonan Bellmare

3. FC Bunyodkor

4. Selangor

Matchday One | December 12

FC Bunyodkor - Selangor

FC Sporting - Shonan Bellmare

Matchday Two | December 13

Shonan Bellmare - FC Bunyodkor

FC Sporting – Selangor

Matchday Two | December 14

Shonan Bellmare – Selangor

FC Sporting - FC Bunyodkor


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