FC Kokand-1912 confirm nine new signings including three Serbian players

Three Serbian players Bojan Knejevic, Milosh Nikolic and Marko Miloc will continue their career in Uzbek League as Shakhboz Erkinov completed a move to Kokand side from FC Bukhara.

Jasur Khasanov and Javohir Esonkulov left FC Metallurg due to the end of the contract and signed a contract with Numon Khasanov’s side.

FC Kokand-1912’s new signings

Bojan Knejevic

Milosh Nikolic

Marko Miloc

Shakhboz Erkinov

Jasur Khasanov

Javohir Esonkulov

Jamshid Khasanov

Timur Khakimov

Timur Usmonov


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