FC Metallurg will continue cooperation with Legionnaire

You probably know that the Metallurg team, which took 10th place in the championship that ended, is currently on winter vacation. Nevertheless, the club has plans for the new season. Breeding work is especially intensive.

As we recently reported on our website, there will also be new legionnaires in the squad. Kerim Palic, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, joined Metallurg from the second round of the championship this year and will start the new season in 2023 as part of the Bekabad team.


Midfielder Palic played 12 matches in the Super League and 1 match in the Cup for the Bekabad team. The club's management has secured an extension of the contract with the 25-year-old legionnaire, as he made a good impression with his game.

New legionnaires come to the club, 3 players are seriously interested in the leaders or about changes in Metallurg


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