FC Nasaf President said that he trusts Berdyev to the end

The protest of the head coach of our team Ruzikul Berdiyev to the chief referee of the Nasaf-Lokomotiv match in the last minutes of the match of the 17th round of the Super League caused a heated discussion in the media and the general public today. The director of the Shurtan gas chemical complex, the president of the football club “Nasaf” Shukhrat Aslanov also expressed his attitude to this event:

- Ruzikul Berdiyev will work at the club as long as he wants. The club management fully trusts him and the coaching staff. I think that the fans of our team should remember that Nasaf with Ruzikul Berdiyev won four bronze, two silver medals of the Uzbek championship, the Uzbek Cup twice and the Uzbek Super Cup once. I know that after yesterday's match, Nasaf and its surroundings attracted attention through the name of the club, and this is precisely because of the successful participation of the club in recent years. Recently, I have asked various football “experts” who “care” about our club to refrain a little from advice.

- Our team is fighting for the championship in our national championship this season, and this year the championship is more intense than ever. The team adequately defended the honor of our country in the international arena, winning a ticket to the playoffs. For this reason, I ask the real fans of our team to keep their cool, to support the players and the coaching staff at any cost. After all, a real fan should support his favorite team, even if it is unlucky.”

FC Nasaf Press Service


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