FC Navbahor coach Andrei Kanchelskis wants to return to manage in Britain

The Russian had a stint in charge of Rangers’ one-time Europa League opponents UFA but admits he would love a return to Scotland to manage.

Kanchelskis currently manages Namangan-based FC Navbahor in the Uzbekistan Super League as he looks to build up his CV and catch the eye of a British club.

“My aim was always to become a manager after I finished playing and I would like to return to Scotland to manage,” Kanchelskis said, as quoted by the Daily Record.

“I’ve made sure I have the right education and built my CV with the clubs I have managed, which has been very tough but I felt was important to give me the skills I need to manage a team in the UK.

“Now I have my UEFA Pro license, and with the experience I have, I believe I’m one step closer to managing in British football.”

Kanchelskis hasn’t been a name that’s come up for any vacancies in Britain and working in Uzbekistan isn’t likely to garner him much attention from clubs.

His past playing career with Rangers, United and Everton would help him understand the game here a bit better but after so long away from the country, plenty has changed since.

If he can impress in Uzbekistan and move to a more prominent league then he might get his wish but there doesn’t seem much likelihood of Kanchelskis returning to Britain any time soon.

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