FC Sogdiana team after failures in AFC Cup and Uzbekistan Cup

The Sogdiana team, after failures in the AFC Cup and the Uzbek Cup, did not shine in the Super League this season. Many claimed that the club was selling games. What was the situation really like?

Jizzakh football player Shakhboz Jurabekov shared his thoughts on this in an interview with the website Sports.uz .

"It's true that we started the season at a high pace. Consecutive victories, a good start in both the AFC Cup and the Uzbekistan Cup. We knew that October would be a test for us. We missed two semifinals, and we also showed unsatisfactory results in the championship. We trained hard for a year and ended up with nothing.

We were still depressed after the AFC Cup. We were trying to get out of it. Unfortunately, nothing worked out.

In recent matches it is said that  FC Sogdiana "sold the game."

It's all a lie. So Allah willed. We can't avoid it. I think our morale has significantly let us down," said Jurabekov, who left the ranks of the Wolves.


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