FC Ufa player Oston Urunov of Uzbekistan orders suits with Bashkir national ornament

The striker of the Ufa football club Vyacheslav Krotov and the foreign player from Uzbekistan Oston Urunov are going to wear business suits with a national Bashkir ornament, reports Bashinform.

“I have been living in Bashkiria for a long time, and when I am in Moscow, my friends jokingly call me a Bashkir,” says Ufa striker Vyacheslav Krotov. “I like the Bashkir ornaments, music, nature, people. Therefore, I was pleased to order this stylish business suit. ”

The Uzbek midfielder of the FC Ufa Oston Urunov admitted that it would be interesting to him to compare the Bashkir and Uzbek elements in a classic suit.

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