Fencing Federations of Uzbekistan and the UAE signed a memorandum of cooperation

Currently, all the delegates who will take part in this event are staying in the capital. Today, the chairman of the NOC and the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan, Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov, received the president of the UAE Fencing Federation, Sheikh Salim Sultan.

It should be noted that Sheikh Salim Sultan is one of two candidates who claims to be the head of the Asian Fencing Confederation.

"Cooperation with the countries of the Arab region in conducting training camps, training of trainers, exchange of experience plays an important role not only for us, but also for the whole of Central Asia. The head of our state has always supported our initiatives for the development of sports. As you know, our countries have already established close bilateral ties. We should also develop these relations in the field of sports" - said the chairman of the NOC.

Then a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the federations of Uzbekistan and the UAE. In turn, Sheikh Salim shared his opinion.

"Being here with my friends, family and fencing family makes me feel at home. I believe that thanks to the initiatives you have shown, we can reach new heights together. The memorandum we signed will be an important step towards new achievements. It should be noted that cooperation between Uzbekistan and the UAE began a long time ago, and we just continue these friendly relations," the president of the UAE Fencing Federation said.

During the conversation, the parties discussed issues such as further strengthening of cooperation between the parties, the implementation of new plans. During the visit, a small tour of the NOC building was organized for the guest of honor. Sheikh Salim Sultan learned about the glorious and rich history of Uzbek sports. This memorandum of cooperation will become an important document that will further unite the Arab countries and the Central Asian region in the direction of sports.

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