FIFA Fitness and Youth courses took place in Singapore

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A FIFA Fitness Coaching Course and FIFA Youth Development Course were successfully held in Singapore recently, reports official website of the AFC,

The Fitness Coaching Course saw participants, consisting of not only coaches but also other sports trainers, learn about the latest developments in fitness coaching from FIFA Fitness Instructor Tobias Wawroschek of Germany.
The coaches who participated in the course were coaching at various levels of competition and age, from the S.League to National Football Academy and Centre of Excellence (COE) teams. The varied profile of the participants allowed a greater intersection of players to benefit from the course.

Wawroschek (instructor) said: “The participants are really motivated which is great. I think the first step is to provide an overview on how to introduce a fitness coach into the football team and the role of the fitness coach. I hope to give them input for their daily work on the pitch with their teams so that they will learn to understand the basics of fitness and start to introduce exercises to improve their players’ fitness levels.”

The FIFA Youth Development Course was conducted by FIFA Instructor Bob Browaeys from Belgium with selected youth coaches from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) youth development programs, namely the Junior Centre of Excellence and COE participating.

With the main emphasis on youth development and youth coaches, FAS continued with regular education through such courses to expose them to the best global practices. The course enabled the best of Europe to interact and share information with the local participants.

Browaeys said: “Youth coaches are the future of Singapore football. Better coaches produce better players, and better players will improve football in Singapore. I am very pleased to share knowledge with them about the different aspects of youth development.”


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