FIFA Referee Vladislav Tseytlin retires as referee to become AFC Referee Instructor

FIFA Referee Vladislav Tseytlin from Uzbekistan finished his career as turned 45 this year.

According to the old Regulations on the Organization of Refereeing set by FIFA, a referee, who is elder than retirement age 45, was not eligible for international referees.

But FIFA’s decision to eliminate the age limits for international referees was confirmed by the Circular no. 1497. There will be no more maximum age for first-time nominations (38) and no more retirement age (45).

However, Vladislav Tseytlin made a decision to retire and may start working as AFC Referee Instructor. The AFC invited Vladislav Tseytlin to Kuala Lumpur in order to introduce him as a referee instructor on January 19.

Vladislav Tseytlin became a FIFA referee in 2002 and he served as a referee in several international tournaments including the 2006 and 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Similarly, he officiated in Uzbekistan Premier League and Uzbekistan Cup matches with his team.


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